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About us// Asia Atlantic Groupe

Asia Atlantic Group was created in 1995.

We are specialized in wholesaling, supplying and importing of every day consumer goods, essentially handbags, luggage and fashion accessories like wallets. We distribute our 2000 products references to more than 5000 stores in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

Asia Atlantic Group knows how to innovate continuously.

Every year, we dispatch millions of products to our customers under our brands or their brands. Indeed, next our first activity, we are also specialized in creating of products, we are able to fabricate a product from the beginning (the client just gives us type of fabric, size, colors that he would like for his product…) to the end (creation of a sample that the customer has to validate). Or, the client can choose one of our references and customize it as he want. We offer an individualized customer service.

Quality, price, reactivity and respect of delivery time are our watchwords.

Our privileged partnership with production units specialized in East Asia country enables us to take charge of all of your needs. Every season, a team of creative people, helped by our designers, create a new collection that suits the current trend, in order to develop personalized products.

Finally, we created two websites last year. Indeed, be present on the Internet is becoming more and more indispensable in business. On the one hand, we have our corporate website that introduces you our company, its products and its services. On the other hand, our e-commerce website. Thanks to this second website, you can consult our several catalogs and buy our products online. In France, we are one of the first wholesalers that permit ONLY professional people to provide themselves on the Internet !

White label products

We manufacture tailor-made products in white label for more than 50 Europeans chains, clothes brands and shoe shops. Asia Atlantic Group works with a huge network of factories around the world and also on its own creation studio to bring innovation and management of the manufacturing to its clients.

Design Studio:
In order to create value added, we created our own style department controlled by our specialists in France and China. We work closely with our client’s marketing and purchasing services. We make them know about our trend books, developed 1 at 2 years before trend changes. Thanks to a technical approach of the modals and a strict analysis of the trends, our collections, designs, colors and fabric assure you the satisfaction of your clients.

There are many significant choice factors for our clients.
Next to the creativity, the price and the quality, we must combine the speed, the efficiency, the technology, the design and the innovation. Our product design and product development experts always give you an actual market trends vision. Our customers are chains from 10 to 300 stores. We know how to adapt ourselves to their demands concerning labeling, packing, logistic, hanging up on a hanger, track order…

Our products: Creativity and lines rigor adapted to your markets!

Design, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Importation, Logistic, Merchandising…

Our teams

Our teams

Asia Atlantic Group federate teams, each team has its specialty, they all have to satisfy you and your clients. Thus, every day, logistics operators, order pickers, administrative personnel and sales people are working hard for your satisfaction. Thanks to our knowledge of handbags and fashion accessories markets, we developed an ability to select only the best products, constituting collections that suit your client’s expectations.

Our logistic service

Our logistic service

Routing, reception, storage, preparation, labeling, expedition are all of the specialties that we perfectly master and are the key of our logistic strength. All of our services are computerized: the order taking, the supply management, the storage and the preparation. Our logistic team is composed by a specialized personnel that offers its professionalism to the preparation of your orders. Thus, thanks to our equipment, our teams and our procedures, we offer you the reactivity, the quality and the speed of the preparation of your orders.

Our commercial strength

Our commercial strength

Our reactive commercial service can adapt itself to every activity or sector. Each member well know your specificities and know how to meet your needs. Our teams are composed by itinerants sales people who will came to meet you, others sales professionals who will welcome you to our showroom. There are so many contacts here to help you and listen to you.

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